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"Behind the Scenes: Our Love Story with Maestro Massimo Lunardon's Art"

"Behind the Scenes: Our Love Story with Maestro Massimo Lunardon's Art"

Welcome to our blog! Today, we want to share with you a captivating chapter of our story, an encounter that transformed our store into a place of magic and beauty.

The First Encounter

More than 20 years ago, Maestro Massimo Lunardon and his right-hand man, Fabrizio, walked into our store. At that time, our assortment included a variety of wooden and Capodimonte porcelain items. It was a chance meeting that would forever change our perspective on art and beauty.

The Flutter of Destiny's Wings (maybe fins is more appropriate ;) )

After declaring their desire to "have this store," they showed us two boxes containing marine creatures he had created. The beauty of those pieces left us speechless, but doubts arose about how to best showcase them. With extraordinary generosity, Maestro Massimo decided to leave those pieces with us for 6 months, saying: "If you still want them, we're here!"

The Transformation

In less than 10 days, we realized that those pieces were not just objects but works of art that transformed our store. We called Maestro Massimo, telling him he was right. Today, we are proud to be the most well-stocked store in Italy, thanks to our connection with Massimo Lunardon's extraordinary art.

No Coincidence

We conclude our first article with a reflection: "Coincidence does not exist." Every encounter, every choice, has the power to shape destiny. And we are grateful for the encounter with Maestro Lunardon, which added an extraordinary chapter to our story.

Thank you for reading, and keep following us to discover more behind-the-scenes stories of our store!