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Worldwide Shipping

About us


I'm glad you came to this page.

Even when I surf the net and find an
interesting site or from which I could probably buy something, I always
go to check the history and who we are page.

It is not just curiosity, it is really the desire to know (and also to
understand who I am in front of).

4th generation..

4th generation..

We are the Galletti family. In Florence we are one of the few historic
families who still successfully run their own shop (for us always a
"bottega"), reaching the 4th generation, all female.

In our shop you will find mainly handmade items made in Italy. Just
think that we have been collaborating with many artists for the past 40
years (they too have passed down from generation to generation).

On our site you will find a large part of our offer, but believe me it
is impossible to include everything. This is made even more difficult by
the fact that we often have unique objects (the beauty of the handmade).

If you have been physically in our shop in Borgognissanti, you know
exactly what I mean. If, on the other hand, you have never been to
GallettiShop ... you have the opportunity to discover the beauties that we admire every day.

Maybe we are not super technological, maybe our photos are not as professional as we are used to see now, but believe me we put heart and soul into everything we do.
Whoever enters our door always finds a smile (even now that we are
hidden by a mask) and a lot of professionalism. It doesn't matter that those who enter always buy (obviously, for us it would be the top), for us the important thing is that they come out with a smile and with the idea in their head ... "What a wonderful place and you feel that these "girls" love their job!"
This is our mission.

Giovanna, Alessia e Pitta