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Worldwide Shipping - All prices include VAT


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About us

4th generation

Greetings from the Galletti family, proud bearers of tradition and craftsmanship for four generations! Nestled in the heart of Florence, we stand as one of the few historic families that have steadfastly maintained our own shop, always embracing the cherished spirit of a "bottega."

Our legacy is one of continuity, resilience, and a deep commitment to quality. Through the years, our family has evolved, and now, in our 4th generation, it's a lineage of remarkable women who carry forward the heritage with grace and passion.

As you step into our shop, you'll discover a curated collection predominantly featuring handmade items crafted in Italy. This commitment to handmade excellence has been a cornerstone of our identity. Over the past four decades, we have fostered collaborations with numerous artists, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives to our offerings. This artistic alliance, passed down through generations, has become an integral part of our story.

Our shop is more than just a place of commerce; it's a living testament to the enduring tradition of Italian craftsmanship and the vibrant synergy between the artisans and our family. We invite you to explore our collection, where each piece tells a story of heritage, skill, and the timeless beauty that is uniquely Italian.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to sharing the artistry and passion that defines the Galletti family through every handcrafted item in our beloved bottega.


Maybe we are not super-technological, maybe our photos are not as professional as we are used to seeing now, but believe me, we put heart and soul into everything we do.
Anyone who walks through our door always finds a smile and a lot of professionalism. It doesn't matter that whoever enters always buys (of course for us that would be the top), for us the important thing is that they leave with a smile and with the idea in their head "What a wonderful place and you can feel that these "girls" love their work!".
This is our mission.

Giovanna, Alessia e Pitta


Thank you forwebsite. Although we strive to present a substantial portion of our offerings on our website, the richness of our collection is truly beyond measure. The challenge lies in encapsulating the diversity of our handmade treasures, and we often find ourselves presenting one-of-a-kind items that are a testament to the exquisite beauty of craftsmanship.

Those who have had the pleasure of physically visiting our store in Borgognissanti, Florence, can understand the immersive experience that awaits them. The tactile feel of the handmade items, the colors that pop and the variety of our collection are best appreciated in person.

If you have not yet entered GallettiShop, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery. Discover the beauty that captivates us every day, each piece telling a story of skill, passion and the timeless appeal of handmade craftsmanship. Whether you are a long-time customer or a newcomer, we hope to share the essence of GallettiShop with you, bringing the heart of our store directly to your screen.

Thank you for considering us, and we look forward to being part of your exploration into the world of handmade wonders.