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Ichendorf Vegetables set 6 tumbler mix

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We are pleased to introduce our new collection of glasses featuring vegetable-themed designs.

Featuring designs inspired by peppers, chili peppers, artichokes, pumpkins, eggplants, and tomatoes.

Here's an idea how you can set the table with handmade glasses featuring different subjects:

  1. Place the 6 handmade glasses at regular intervals along the side of the table, starting from the left side.

  2. Use the glasses as place cards by placing a note with the name of the guests next to each glass.

  3. To create a triumph of vegetables and color, place a variety of fresh and colorful vegetables in the center of the table, such as:

    • Red, ripe tomatoes sliced ​​thinly.
    • Purple eggplants sliced or diced.
    • Orange pumpkins, either whole or cut into wedges.
    • Green artichokes, optionally boiled and served with an oil and lemon sauce.
    • Red chili peppers, fresh or dried, for a touch of spiciness.
    • Peppers of different colors, sliced ​​or diced.
  4. Distribute the vegetables harmoniously and invitingly on the serving platter or on a large wooden board, aiming to balance the colors and shapes.

  5. Add fresh basil leaves or other aromatic herbs as a garnish to provide additional color and fragrance to the table.

  6. Complete the setup with colorful napkins, cutlery, and any other decorative items that match the theme of the vegetable and color triumph.

This way, you'll have a beautifully set table that showcases both the handmade glasses with different subjects and the abundance of fresh and colorful vegetables.

Dimensions: Ø 8,5 cm x H 8 cm;

Capacity: cl 35

Material: borosilicate glass

Usage: Microwave safe

Washing: Dishwasher safe

Origin: Designed in Italy with Love. by Alessandra Baldereschi

Collection: Vegetables

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