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Worldwide Shipping - All prices include VAT

Massimo Lunardon Vase – Swallow (rondine)

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The swallow is a highly symbolic bird that has many different meanings and associations. One of the most famous symbols associated with the swallow is good luck. They also represent hope for those who have lost loved ones. In some cultures, they are thought to be heralds from beyond the grave and bringers of spring joy to newlyweds.

“One swallow does not make a spring, nor does one fine day”

– Aristotle

So, are you already thinking about the person who deserves such a special gift?

Dimensionsh. 34 cm

Material: borosilicate glass

Usage: Microwave safe

Washing: Dishwasher safe

Origin: Designed and Made in Italy with Love.  Signed by Massimo Lunardon