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Worldwide Shipping - All prices include VAT

Massimo Lunardon wine decanter - divine Bee

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The bee is depicted as a symbol of sweetness and purity, but also of wisdom and hard work, this is because the importance of its activity within the ecosystem is indisputable. The symbolism of the bee is based on its diligence and the organization of its hive. The industriousness of the hive and the very structure of the family symbolize the renewal of life and nature. In heraldic art, the bee is present in various noble families to represent the symbol of sovereignty.

Amaze yourself or amaze someone you love.

Enjoy your wine, and when you don't drink, just put some flowers or leave it like this... it will be a real conversation piece!

Dimensions: h. 25 cm

Material: borosilicate glass

Usage: Microwave safe

Washing: Dishwasher safe

Collection: LIMITED EDITION of 99 pieces. Numbered and signed by Massimo Lunardon

Origin: Designed and Hand Made in Italy with Love.