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Worldwide Shipping - All prices include VAT

Massimo Lunardon Tumblers – Blue Goto / Gottino set of 6

Original price €210,00 - Original price €240,00
Original price
€210,00 - €240,00
Current price €210,00

Are you a blue lover?

Here is the most beautiful glass in the world. I speak in the singular because each glass is unique and unrepeatable ...
Many classy restaurants in Italy and beyond set the tables with these wonderful glasses. Suitable for any occasion and usable every day.

Scroll the images below and watch the video of Maestro Lunardon who shows us how they are created!

The word GOTO has a very ancient origin. The Murano glass masters who worked all day in the furnace at very high temperatures needed to drink a lot of water during the day. For this, each of them made a glass by blowing the waste glass. It was not important neither the precision of the shape, nor the combination of colors ... it was enough that it was functional. This is why they are all different in both shapes and decorations.
The name of these glasses was GOTO. GOTTINO instead means small goto.

Choose your size

Dimensions  SMALL h8,5cm - BIG h. 11cm

Material: borosilicate glass

Usage: Microwave safe

Washing: Dishwasher safe

Collection: Signed by Massimo Lunardon

Origin: Designed and Made in Italy with Love